BPS at New Palestine Intermediate Is A New Adventure!

Mr. Fralick, art teacher Erin Fralick and I had so much fun during our recent camp at NPI! There were so many wonderful works of art generated by BPS camp artists we just couldn't keep up with them all! The best part about camp? Story time that occurred at the end of the day!

What do artists do?

Children get opportunities to tell their stories inside the story box!

Blocks, Paper, Scissors returns

We are very excited for this years art camp. This year will be special! We are having it at the New Palestine Intermediate School! Mr. Gaw, myself, Erin and Noah are all returning with lots of fun and exciting ways to express yourselves. We can't wait!

Blocks Paper Scissors 2018

Blocks Paper Scissors Art Camp is back again June 18-22. 

We are very excited for this years art camp. Last year we expanded the camp to two sessions a day and it was a huge success. This year we will be doing all sorts of fun and creative things with the kids. The emphasis though is on each child's individual artistic vision and growing their creative thinking capabilities. This camp is for real artists! So be prepared to get creative...and a little messy :)

A Great Week of Creative Exploration!

What a great week! Forty two campers have diligently spent their mornings with Mr. Fralick and I exploring drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, printmaking, assemblage, sewing and jewellery-making! We have made a lot of art over this past week! Its fascinating that kids at this level of creative development are able to come up with such complex ideas! Art making is really the scientific method. Students generate ideas, they hypothesize,  they gather materials, explore possibilities, refine their process, reflect on their outcomes and refine some more! Art is not only connected to is science! Enjoy the pics!

Blocks Paper Scissors - 2016


Get Ready For June 2016!

We are preparing for 2016!

Blocks Paper Scissors will be held during the week of June13 - 17! You can register here.

Blocks, Paper, Scissors Camp 2015

Blocks, Paper, Scissors registration is open! This year Blocks, Paper, Scissors art amp will be held at New Palestine High School. This allows us to have  access to better facilities. You can register at this link
Checks can be made out to Community School Corporation of Southern Hancock County (CSCSHC)